Burning error help

ok i just bought a LG 4167 DL, i picked up a 5 pack of memorex -R, downloaded nero 7 trial ver. i made 2 copies of an 8 minute video by accident (i know better) i burned at max speed 16x, well the first copy was great but the next copy and all others that i tryed at 1x failed with a error message DMA Driver error, CRC error. i am using xp and have had very good luck with burning cds in the past. any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

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Check if you have DMA enabled. Take a look here


yes i printed the error report and it shows dma on i also checked in device manager same thing, 1 thing that i did notice in the report was bus type atapi, detected:?

This is correct: burner works with ATAPI.

What media did you used? Have you checked IDE cables?

memorex dvd-r 16x, do you mean replug the cables, i will try that, but do you know what a crc error might be

If cable is damaged you surely will obtain CRC errors. Can you try different cables?

Also I suggest to try with different media: these memorex are rather bad media.

Can you do a burst rate test? Simply insert a pressed DVD on the burner, load CD-DVD Speed and then press F6 and post result here

i don’t have a dvd handy it will wait until tomorrow and i will post the speed thanks for your help so far but im toast right now

You’re welcome :slight_smile: