Burning error DVD+R DL with Pioneer DVR-212D

I use IMGBurn to burn DVD9, and I get this burning error with Pioneer DVDR-212D Sata, using Verbatim +R DL MIS:

Instead the Pioneer burns correctly DVD5 +R.
If I burn the same support with my LiteOn DH20A4H Ide, I don’t get any error!
So don’t understand what’s get wrong with the Pioneer!:confused:

Please help!:wink:

HOW exactly did you create that image/ISO?

[QUOTE=chef;2064974]HOW exactly did you create that image/ISO?[/QUOTE]

I made it with DVDFab…I didn’t create an ISO file, but extrated as Vob files. But the same files burned with the LiteOn don’t give that error:confused: