Burning error and unable to get readable copy

I have been burning dvd with one click for a couple of months now. Copies have been excellent until just recent. Problems burning started occuring. So I was told to get newest version of firmware for my Sony DW Q58A. So I got UYS3. It seemed since then it has been down hill. I no longer have a green light on the drive, it is now yellow. Is this normal? I contacted support for 1Click and they had me update to the latest version, change the write speed to 4x, they had me enable the dvd -r SAO first button. All seem to be a temporary fix but couple days later, back to the error message, incomplete burns, and unreadable dvds. I cannot get through a copy without an error, on the second or third attempt it may complete but both computer and DVD player do not recognize dvd. Please help, I am so frustrated. Thanks

Post a recent session or two from your >> F7 log .
Let’s take a look at the burns .

Your Sony Q58A , did you get the Firmware Update from [B]D[I]e[/I]ll [/B] ?

I would also suggest starting a Dialog with Dell Customer Support ,
It really sounds like a Hardware problem … just to get the ball rolling ,
If something’s wrong with the Drive … then , something’s wrong with the drive

Still let’s take a look at your log report ( F7 )


Did you reselect your drive(s) in 1Click after updating the firmware? If not, you need too.