Burning Episodic with Express?



I tried to copy an episodic DVD (DVD-9) with extra material to a DVD-5, using DVDFab Express Mode. The shrinking level was about 80%.

The result: a DVD with complete menu, but wrong entrance points:

  • clicking on the first episode entry, it starts correctly
  • clicking on the second and third episode entry, I get into the middle of the episode, not to the beginning. These espisodes seem to be concatenated to the prior one
  • the extras don’t work at all, some showing any image but the intended.

Did I do anything wrong?
Is it possible to shrink DVD-9 episodic to DVD-5 with DVDFab Express?


Still issues with Fab and season discs - unknown when will be resolved…Some backup fine, many don’t…


What’s your suggestion for an alternative software?


Episodic bkups have been problematic, to say the least. I’ve used gold mode with very good success, but I would Not use “wizard > copy season disc fully”. Instead, open gold and on the first window, simply choose “Full disc” and then split to 2 discs. I’ve used this method on four seasons of 24, two seasons of Nip Tuck, as well as others. The only downside is that on an odd number of episodes, you’ll split one episode onto two discs…with an even number of episodes, this is a nonissue.

Hope this helps.