Burning episodes to dvd



Hi All,

I have come here in my desperate quest to figure out how to burn converted avi to dvd files and have each episode of lost as its own chapter so you can skip from one episode to another.

i have upto now gone through the following process with no luck.

[li]tried to convert all 23 episodes at once to dvd from avi’s, woke up to find it had stopped 85% to the end and said “error file to large”. also when i checked what it had converted, the episodes were stuck together instead of being seperate. so i couldn’t salvage what had been coverted upto the 85%![/li][li]:([/li][li]now converting to svcd. trying to save them as a dvd on roxio and each file is between 700mb and 1gb. roxio is pretty much saying that i have enough space for 1 full film per cd!!! (4.7gb datawrite dvd-r)[/ul]can someone please help me as it driving me mad!:disagree:[/li]
i would have liked to do it on dvd format regardless of the discs needed (upto a maximum of 10 discs) but dont know how to save them as there are other files aswell as the video files (folder disc 1/ then into that folder an empty audio_ts folder and /the video_ts folder with the video (.vop) and others that i am not farmiliar with ifo bup, do i need these on the disc for it to work???)

Please Please HELP.




In order to burn a file to Dvd, it must be Dvd compliant, therefore it must contain IFO, BUP & VOB files. There is no need to worry about the AUDIO_TS file, when you are done & if you are getting rid of everything on your computer when you are done, then you can get rid of it then as well.


Try FAVC or DVDflick to convert your avi’s and make dvds with chapter points. They are both free tools. You may not be able to put many episodes on each disk without some serious compression however.

When I do this sort of dvd, I use highest quality settings and only put two episodes per disk (though I use other tools which are fairly expensive). Using more modest bitrates, you should be able to put three or four per disk and not compromise quality too much.


ConvertXtoDVD and select show menu