Burning Engines: ImgBurn or DVDFab Burning Engine?



I have 2 PC’s with 2 Blu Ray burners on both. I mainly burn plain DVD backups, Blu Ray backups are few and far in between.

I have been always using Image Burn as my burning software with DVDFab. Recently I tried using DVDFab Burning Engine which I’m beginning to like. I don’t have to select a break when I burn Double Layer DVD’s and I find DVDFab Burning Engine is a little bit faster.

Questions: #1 Does DVDFab Burning engine automatically decides where a break should be when burning a D/L DVD?

#2 Are there any pro’s & con’s as to using one burning engine over the other?

Thank you


Hi Alexia75

Not sure on #1 because I have never used the DVDFab burn engine I do know however when using the old default (VSO) it will .

I highly recommend sticking with ImgBurn because it is more compatible with all drives/burners as well as all media, plus you have the ability to select various burn speeds for multiple media and burners.


Thank you Storm Jumper, I put a lot of weight in your opinions.



[QUOTE=Alexia75;2644561]Thank you Storm Jumper, I put a lot of weight in your opinions.

Your more then welcome my friend :flower:

Plus ImgBurn have excellent control over the drives/burners. :wink:


Yeah ImgBurn is the burning engine recommended by DVDFab’s authors. :iagree: