Burning engine

i have fab plat i’m looking at my common settings burning engine and its says
vso burning engine
Nero burning engine
which is the best to use is one faster then the other
and whats
writ type of DVD-media
packet writing
sao writing

In my opinion, I’d stick with VSO Burning Engine for starters, since that’s what the program uses by default I believe. Next, I have mine set for packet writing. I’m not sure what happens if set at sao writing. But with vso burning engine and packet writing as my settings, I can decrypt and compress and then write a backup in approx. 23 to 26 min. depending on the amount of compression and the lenght of the movie. I myself am still learning what the other functions are and what they do. Hopefully someone more learned than myself can help us both out here ? By the way, Welcome to the forum cha333. This is a great place to learn.

thank you my friend lets hope so

I use vso burning engine, set to sao writing, and TY 4X-R. Also you get better burns when you burn slow. Dash R is compatible with more equipment, but changing booktype on +R media to DVD-ROM increases compatibility as that is format commercial movies use. It does not change the format, it just tricks players into thinking it is DVD-ROM. Media is very important so I posted the following link:


This is highly questionable these days and the source of much discussion.

With a modern , quality 16x burner , quality 16x media then most find that 12x burning gives great results. With the latest 18x & 20x burners excellent burns are being achieved on 16x media at 18x or 20x.

However, it’s entirely down to the individual as to what they want to do. Me, I burn my 8x media at 8x and 16x media at 12x. I only use Verbatim media or media that has a Taiyo Yuden dye like Plextor 16x +R these days .

Thanks Mack. What’s the improvement of setting to sao writing over packet writing? And will setting to DVD-Rom increase the speed or quality of the burn ? Thanks Mack

Packet writing is not used much anymore and some question why it is still an option. Packet writing writes like it says in packets and is good for data disc when you want to add more info before finalizing. I have had movies that were done with packet writing that would have playing problems, then I burn the same movie saved to HD using SAO without problems.


Thanks Mack. I can understand what you are saying. I’ll make the changes straight away. Your great…Mike

thank for reply so if iv burn a movie at 4x to a 8x media
then i want to copy that copy of that movie using a 16x maeda then burn it at 12x will be OK .

Certainly 12x would be the speed I’d use.

I read somewhere that new burners have more powerful Lasers and could melt the dye if you go too slow. My burners are a couple years or more so I order Taiyo Yuden (TY) dash R 4X bought in lots of 200. I wish Taiyo Yuden made a DL, because I got screwed by Verbatim on couple of rebates, so I now only purchase Verbatim when they are on sale without a rebate. I ordered an history show series from PBS that was burned on Verbatim, I guess the do not sell enough to get the DVDs pressed. I have burned at 16X on 2nd class media before I started to read forums.


You know Mack, I’ve been using the Verb’s MCC-004 with this new burner and burning at max. speed and I haven’t had a hic-up or a belch yet. Not exactly sure what it’s burning at but the last one was 4.38 gigs. in 4:45. And like I said, not a flaw. That’s just the write speed, not including the finalization time. So I guess it depends on your hardware as much as anything ?

astone, what kind of burner is that?

It’s an LG GSA H22N-BK. It has the 1.01 Firmware. I got it for xmas. It’s a great burner. It rated at 18x+/- R media. Also 10x Ram too. Hope that helps strachan. Thanks ~ Mike

:slight_smile: The best is GEAR Pro 7 Mastering Edition.The copy is just like original.Believe me.:iagree:

:eek: why re-open a thread that is over 2 year old :confused: and your statement has nothing to do with DVDFab to boot :rolleyes:

[quote=bobbybass;2223782]:slight_smile: The best is GEAR Pro 7 Mastering Edition.The copy is just like original.Believe me.:iagree:[/quote] Ever read ? such as http://club.cdfreaks.com/f116/sub-forum-fengtao-software-only-242474/