Burning engine

after reinstalling dvdfab x-press i keep getting this message

Failed to initialize the burning engine

If you just installed DVDFAB X-PRESS,please restart your PC to see result,or else please reinstall DVDFAB X-PRESS.

have done this many time’s also thxs for the reply bigmacnc, did as portmac has wrote in a post dated 10-02-06 and still getting the same isssue has any one had this happen to the before and if so what did you do to get it working again … :iagree:

This has happened to me. Uninstall DVDFab, run a registry cleaner such as Registry Mechanic, reinstall DVDFab and that should resolve your issue.

well went and d/load the program ran it x3 and still kepps asking for BURNING ENGINE i had this same problem when i went from TRIAL verson to the first good verson and had no other problesm till know could it be the REG.KEY i have to put that in after i reinstalled i dont KNOW :rolleyes: any more :confused: what else to do but keep asking more QUESTION and more POST on here HELP ??? :sad:

If regional setting of your Windows is US English nothing can be done. Some others have faced this problem and no one has found a solution yet. If you have other regional settings try uninstall Fab, set region of Windows to US English in Control Panel, install Fab, try it, and if OK reset the region to your original. This is because the Patin Couffin installer does not like every setting. The developers know about it but they do not care.

well i guess im S O L im in the states but do know what you are talking about ill try it and see if it will work thxs for the reply :confused:

well that did not work ,looks like after 6 month’s the program stop working and no more support kind like it is on a timer what do we do all that are haveing problem’s with 1 thing after another with DVDFAB ect…if any one else has had this kind of problem will you post on how you got it fixed BY YOUR SELF …no SUPPORT ??? :frowning: :confused:

This may help by allowing you to install patin couffin manually also the first thread shows how VSO & patin couffin appear in your device drivers, also there may be other programs using this application layer:






I am surprised that the registry cleaner did not work. A lot of people have had your problem and there are quite a few threads on the forum regarding the “failed to initialize burning engine.” I would poke around and find them. They have a lot of good info.
The manual install of the patin-couffin driver did not work for me. DVDFab should install this driver automatically. Maineman found the registry cleaner solution for me when I had the same problem and was hopeless. I would send maineman a PM if you can’t find the solution yourself on the forum.

Hi Kacal,

I have been having the exact same problem, but I can’t really say it’s a problem with the software. I have 2 computers, a Dell laptop and a pc . I have been having this problem on the laptop but not on the pc and there can be a few reasons for this. I haven’t been using dvdfab on my laptop for a while. I have been burning my dvds on my pc, but recently after installing the latest version on both pc & laptop is when the error started. Did you make any changes to your system? Install new software or hardware? How old is your dvd burner? Did you do a flash upgrade to it? Burners don’t last forever. The reason I ask all this is because after having this problem on the laptop I tried burning the same dvds on my pc with the same software. I use DvdFAB platinum which includes express, but I also use DvdCloner 3 and I have both programs installed on both computers. I get different errors with both programs on my laptop whenever I try to copy a dvd, but they both work fine on my pc. So it could be that either my dvd burner has become incompatible with dvdfab after I did the flash upgrade, or my drive is almost ready for hardware heaven. Most higher quality drives are good up to 1000 burns, which of course includes burning cds as well, but the more simple drives do less. Check in your device manager under vso devices. If you see a yellow exclamation mark next tp pattin coufin drivers then you have a compatibility problem somewhere.