Burning engine vso vs nero

Is there a difference in quality burning and witch one is better?

Some Nero components can cause conflicts with other burning software. I have it (just the burning ROM) installed but don’t use it for DVD Video burning, just data discs and CDs. I use VSO for SL burns with great success, ImgBurn for DLs.

its been a long time since ive used nero burn engine with dvdfab. but the write speed setting did not work correctly for me. nero would always burn at max speed despite selecting 8x in dvdfab settings. this may have been fixed since i last used it.

i use imgburn for all my burning now. even audio cds and data cd/dvd’s.

I use ImgBurn for 1 reason…

during the rip I am always going to fav places on the web
or replying to mail but when it comes time to burn, I stop until it’s finalized.

VSO goes right into the burn phase where as Imgburn gives me a heads up break in which it will not burn till I respond with ok…
this way if I am doing something else, the burn will not auto start and I can respond when I;m ready.
Guess I’m a holdover from the old days of “give the whole playing field up for the burn process”.
this may not matter any more but it’s only a few minutes to wait…

Thanks guy’s for reply,i always use vso engine.I was concern which one was the best because i do alot of back up.Now i know.


For kids movies I use Nero burning rom so I can burn two at a time. Saves time a month later when they get through making a coaster out of them.