Burning edited family video's to DVD (stand alone dvd player - sound and video

I have an edited family video on miniDV. Import video to old pc via firewire from canon zr960 camcorder. Vista OS, Movie maker, burned DVD with DVD maker. Played disk on DVD player (stand alone -connected to TV) Works great -both video and audio.
Here’s the problem - New mac book pro import (same video same miniDVtape) to imovie via firewire (9pin to 4 pin) using same canon zr960 camcorder. imovie splits it all up and out of order into “clips”. Finally put it back together in the order it was captured. plays and sounds fine in imovie. Share with idvd (again sounds and plays fine here too) burn disk and put into DVD player (stand alone -connected to TV). No sound. video plays fine but no sound. Put disk back into macbook pro to play and video/audio play fine. Why no sound??
Used friends computer import (same firewire,tape, camcorder etc.) to cyberlink power producer v3 to burn disc with LG supermulti (GE20LU10) DVD±RW Dual Layer Burner. Disc burns successfully but when played on DVD player (stand alone -connected to TV) there is no sound. played back on computer and the disk plays video/audio fine.
I would really appreciate an explanation on what is happening here. The family video is ultimately for aging grandparents to watch on their DVD player with their TV. Would like to use new mac book pro in the future to make family DVD’s (sound is important).

The issued audio problem is related to the softwares used, not the player.