Burning Dvd's?

So can it be done? I havent really seen anything on it… If anyone knows how I would sure like to know, I heard from someone that I would need a special burning cd, is that true?:confused:

You can copy dvd movies on a blanc dvd-r and watch your movie np but not always a movie fit on a 4,5gig dvdr because the movie self it to big 7/8gigs then you need to strip off the extras extra other language sound track and if it nots fitting you need to downsample the movie(with a little lost of quality) other option is spreading the movie and the xtras on 2 or 3 dvdr`s…

And also need to remove the region code and the macrovision but to make a backup/copy of your dvd it take a whole lot of time atleast more then 4hours even more when you need to downsample the whole movie.

Ok, so you have to go into the burning program and remove all the extra stuff manually? How would I go about doing that, would I make it a data cd or a multimedia cd?:confused:

Most DVD’s are ripped using software. Virutal Dub, TMPGenc, and a few other ones. There are some step by step tutorials on how to use some of this stuff at

http://doom9.net (or it might be …org I forget)