Burning DVD's

When I burn a dvd using DVD Flick, they come out in letterbox format.
How do I change this format to one where the dvd fills the entire tv screen?

Many times it is simply not worth trying to get rid of the black bars. You end up distorting the picture unless you are very adept at using resizing tools. DVDFlick is not an advanced program for this type of adjustment.

Once you have the video imported into DVDFlick, double click on the video within the DVDFlick window. This brings up a small window with options for the video. The General setting allows you to choose between 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios. The Video sources tab has a drop down list where you can adjust the pixel aspect ratio…but this is usually best left to Default where the program chooses the appropriate ratio. You can try different settings here, to see if that will help your output.

I had asked a question regarding my dvd’s coming out in letterbox format and was told that DVD Flick is not a good tool for resizing the video.
What are better programs?

No need to make another thread on this subject tiersa. I’ve merged them into one.

I haven’t tried to get rid of black bars, as I see it as a huge waste of time when converting to dvd. Therefore I have no help for you. I know you can crop with ffdshow, Avisynth, AviDemux, Virtualdub, Vdubmod and several other programs, but haven’t used them for this purpose. If you still want to pursue this course, I suggest talking to the folks over at videohelp.com