Burning Dvds?

so im using this software called DVD FLICK to convert n burn my movies to a disc…the problem i came across is in my roomates dvd the audio is slower than the persons mouth…waaay slower…while in my dvd it plays fine…so im not sure what to do?? any suggestions?? THANKS

So let us get this straight:
A burned DVD plays fine in your DVD player, but played in your room-mates DVD player, the audio is skewed/delayed and doesn’t match the video.

First assumption would be that your room-mates DVD-player is having difficulty reading the DVD, which could be a dirty lens or poor quality dvd media (which is the most common issue).

Some DVD -players are also just troublesome.

The quickest way to check, is to use a different DVDR, like a verbatim, or Taiyo Yuden, which are regarded as top quality media.

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The answer is … if burning dual layer DVD’s, don’t use decryptor.
Use Imgburn (2.4.40 I think is the current version) … updated burning engine from the same author.

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thank you

You can also try a different writing program, as some programs (or even particular revisions of programs) can be problematic.

Imgburn is free, and is highly regarded as one of the best burning programs available :iagree: