Burning DVDs

Dump AVStoDVD and get a real good backup program like Fab or CloneDVD and use it with AnyDVD. You can even use the free Fab decrypter and burn the file with Imgburn.

OK thanks I have never used any of these programs I have heard of CloneDVD but I thought that was for copying DVDs yet i do copy them but I do download a lot of them will that still work? Hey Ill try anything I’m downloading them right now and will try them out and let you know

Downloading copyrighted movies from the internet is illegal if you do not own the original disc. I cannot help you with that.:cool:

Ya I’m sure it is but when you pay for them its not I download from a movie service its like Nextflix type company. Either way that didnt help me Clone is what it is it needs a disk to copy from and AnyDVD is almost the same thing so cant help me thank you for trying

Thank You t0nee1 !! AVStoDVD works like a champ plays in any old DVD playier and has no problem whats so ever And Thanks to alan1476 for CloneDVD it works great and its fast…And on a totally different note why the heck isnt my avatar working : (

Glad it worked for you…As for the Avatar (if GIF) check the max file size requirements…I’m sure one of the Mods will help…