Burning DVDs

Ok i need help…I have used the DvD shrink and DvD Fab5 to copy a dvd i have and i cannot figure out how to burn it onto a dvd? what kind of software do i need or can i burn it from that program? Someone please help me lol

Best burn engine would be ImgBurn, you can download it from imgburn.com …best thing about it //it is FREE
also read the tutorial found on the wesite

ok so i really dont know much about this stuff am i writing a file to a disc? lol i have it on my comp. from where i copied it thru fab 5 but i dont know this is all confusing

:eek: You really are a newbie :flower:
are you looking for step-by-step info :confused:

ok well i finally figured it out…but when i try to finish it, it says at the bottome device not ready (medium not present)…and i cant find out what that means??