Burning DVDs



I am new to forums.

I have been having trouble burning DVDs that will play using my Samsung DVD-F1080 player. I finally got the DVD burned using Roxio software, but when I play it on my Samsung TV (a progressive hi defenition new TV) the people look distored - short and fat! The pictures without people seem to be okay. These are photos taken from a recent vacation.

My other problem is that I am using DVD+RW. They do work, but if I put one in my computer that has been used and either re-formatted or erased, I get a message that I need a blank disc. Why can’t I use these discs over if they are re-writeable?

In case you need this information, my computer is an HP Media Center with Vista operating system.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I would like to put all my photos onto DVDs.


Well it would be good to know what kinda burner you have and if the firmware is updated as well?? Also the media you should only use is DVD+/-R only for standalone RW is for data backup only. Also if you use +R booktype it to -ROM for standalone compatiblilty playback. Also Roxio has a history of giving endusers bad usage and headache.


Are you using software to create the slideshows or simply burning the pictures as data? The distortion is the software used or your DVD player.


I see this often when folks make slideshows to play on a 16:9 TV. You are probably authoring in standard 4:3 mode. Your TV should have some aspect ratio adjustments to make for correct viewing. Better yet when making the DVD set your software to output at 16:9. This will give give you sidebars on most photos (unless you crop the photos to 16:9). Now the people will be at the proper proportions. It will also look right playing on standard CRTs (although you’ll have top/bottom bars).

A program like Nero Vision allows you to edit/crop while making the slideshow. When you choose to edit a photo you’ll get dashed 16:9 border and you can move your pic around till you like the result then crop (not all photos lend themselves to the crop, so side bars will have to be used).