Burning DVDs



:slight_smile: Hello, never burnt DVDs and dont no alot about them so please exscuse me if this is a pathetic question!!

my computer came with a DVD+RW - IDE drive.
i have bought DVD-R 4.7GB 1-8x DVDs
I am currenlty dwnloading Clone DVD2.
Is this going to work? is there anything else i have to do or set up? :confused:

Any help would be great, thanx! :iagree:


You should look on the Optical Drive forum, and search for you particular make and model of burner, and see which medias are working best for that particular burner. Burners come with various firmwares and write strategies, and they all handle various medias in different ways. For example, some burners really like CMC MAG media, and others don’t like it very well at all.


Hi, also have a question on dvd burning and I know this must have been asked a million times,I am thinking of buying DVD CLONER 1V is this any good and can anyone say if there are any problems with it.all help apreciated,thanks


Just to let you know that this thread will mostly likely get moved because you hijack someone’s thread.

DvD Cloner is not good news. They have been accused of stealing another software’s ripping engine that is free and now they are charging for it.

You will be fine with RipIt4Me + FixVts with DvD Shrink and DvD Decrypter.

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If your thinking of backing up protected DVD’s from your own collection. Then you’ll need AnyDVD or something similar.
With CloneDVD2 try movie only first.
You might find this helpful. CloneDVD2