Burning dvds

My dvd player does not play certain types of files. So when i have downloaded a film i have to use winavi to convert it to dvd format.

I then use nero to burn them onto my dvds.
I was told to change it from dvd rom to dvd video.
I put my video ts files into the video ts folder. Then i have a audio folder but they are always empty. I normally just put the empty folder into the audio ts folder on the dvd anyway. My dvds are normally always fine. However, recently my dvds haven’t had any sound on them.

Am i doing something wrong?
Please help.

The Audio_TS folder is not really required and many bought DVDs don’t have it.

Does the sound play on your PC but not on your standalone player?

Check the type of audio you’ve got in the original film. Use Gspot to open the film , presumably an avi, and see what it says about the audio stream. If it says the codec is missing/unsupported then that’ll be the answer.

When i try to play the files on my computer it says codec not supported.
But it does that with alot of the films i download, then they always work once i put them on disks and play them in my dvd player.
So what do you suggest i do?
Also, what is gspot and where can i get it?

There are 2 very useful apps that display the properties of avi files. Gspot & Avicodec I always install on my systems and with the latter it’ll help you to find & install the required codecs.

Without the required codec , audio or video, it may not always be possible to convert the stream correctly, although some apps manage fairly well at this.

Personally I’d install these apps and then install the required codec(s) & then convert.

I could point you directly to these apps , but I’d have to google for them so I’ll leave that with you.

I downloaded gspot and it says i need the codec Ogg Vorbis
Where do i get that? Google it?

Thanks for all your help.

Is ogg vorbis even a codec? It says ive got the video codec (xvid) but not the audio codec… code : 0x674f

Now i have downloaded what i think is ogg vorbis codec but i just have three files… free-codecs text document, setup information and an acm file which i dunno how to open…

Try here .

I’ve not installed this as I’ve had no need as yet.

Just right click on the inf file & select install.

Ok hold on. lol.

Ok gspot now says i have the required codecs. But when i try to open my file with windows media player it still says it do not support the codec.

But now that i have the audio codec installed, do you think if i convert the files again, the audio will work on my dvd?