Burning DVD's



Ive had great success in burning movies that i have purchased in the past, but lately im finding that I cant burn some of them. I use both DVD shrink and DVD decrypter along with clone DVD. Is there some better products out there that can decode and set these newer releases up for burning or am I SOL? Thanx


More than likely they have some form of structure protection. The latest version of DVD Decrypter (version should work with these titles.



When burning backup’s of movies to DVD is NERO 6 a lot better than Decrypter 3520? Considering the sole purpose of each software is the quality of NERO a ton better than Decrypter or do they both serve the same purpose equally as good as the other?


dvd decrypter is a bit easier. but really, you are just burning an iso to dvd, makes little difference what you use to do that…well in my case anyway