Burning DVD's

I’m not to experienced with DVD burning and am new to this site. I have a HP movie writer dc4000 and a MAD DOG multimedia 16XDVD9 Double Layer burner. The HP came with its own drivers and the other did not(used WinXP). I have the latest version of Nero and I have also used DVD Xcopy and haven’t been able to burn anything but one coaster. I keep coming up with errors and copy right protection problems.

I know the movie dvd’s and music cd’s are copy righted but when you have two little kids that now know how to use the entertainment system and portable cd players, I don’t want to got out and buy a new copy everytime they wreck it.

Can someone help me out to figure out what I’m doing wrong and tell me what I have to have to copy ANYTHING well just movies and music.

Thanx BKD

i just found this out but go here to get a freeware progam to, copy, u could say, ur movies to ur comp (http://www.dvddecrypter.com/) then get this so u can make ur movie fit onto one dvd unless u dont mind using 2 or more for 1 movie (V) then i think u can use ur nero software to finish everything off. i have a file that explains exactly how to do everything step by step but i cant figure out how to attach it here and upload it to u or this forum post.

sorry hers that other website that was supposed to go in the (V) spot http://www.dvd2one.com/

CDBurnerXP to make data DVDs and CDs, and audio CDs. DVD Shrink to copy discs. Both are free and work quite well.



yeah, try dvd shrink for copying dvds. nero for data,audio etc.

If you have the lates version of nero it can compress and copy dvd’s just fine. You have to use dvd decryptor, smart ripper or any dvd to get past the copy guard with nero though.

What does the decryptor do with the dvd and in what form does it leave it in when it asks for a destination folder? Then when I use Nero to burn, do I just burn an image or burn a dvd from file or what? Excuse me for my dumbness. :confused: What type of files do dvd movies consist of? What are the necessary ones what are junk?

Why didn’t the other programs work for this? Why do I need an assist program for Nero? I thought both programs were the best I could find or get for this kind of thing or so I heard from local friends offline.

Ok here is an update on my progress. I dled the decrypter which did its job I think. I have a file with all these files from what I guess is from the dvd. What form I do not know. I tried to use Nero to burn but it told me there was not enough room on disk for files and ejected the disk. You said something about Nero would compress and copy dvd’d fine but I didn’t see any options for compression or fit. Am I going to have to get a Double Layer dvd?

All that have posted so far and in the future thanx for the help. I’m getting somewhere now.

Using Shrink is a good start, go here and read:http://www.afterdawn.com/guides/archive/dvd9_to_dvdr_with_dvd_shrink.cfm

I rip 99% of my back-ups with DVD Shrink, save them as an ISO image on the harddrive, then burn them with DeCryptor. You need to learn the difference between DVD-5 and DVD-9 and also basic DVD structure. Good Luck.

Very good information on this site highly recomended for a quest of knowledge on dvds!

Sorry, I have been at work or I would have posted sooner. You will have a folder with all these files that dvd decryptor made. In nero, this folder is basically the equivalent of a dvd. No you do not need a double layer dvd. I am guessing that you tried to use nero burning rom and just tried to burn the files to the dvd, and thats why it said you do not have enought space. The program you want to use is nero recode. It will take the files in your folder (or the dvd in your drive if you use anydvd), compress them and burn them to a dvd, all from one program with little to set.
To start, start nero smart start (it should have installed it on your desktop). Hold your mouse cursor over the diffrent icons across the top and watche the bottom icons change. you are looking for an icon in the bottom icons that says “copy entire dvd video”. It looks like two little cd’s with a little film strip in the corner. Click it and nero recode will start. Click the import dvd button. If there is a dvd in the drive it will automatically select it but will elt you change it. Select the folder that dvd decryptor ripped to (not a particular file, just click the folder). It will do a pre-analysis that will take 1-3 minutes. If the dvd is to big to compress it will tell you here (doesn’t hapen very often). Click next when it is done analizing. Check the top to make sure your burner is the desitination, and the folder for temporary files is on a drive that has plenty of space. select your burn speed and click burn. It will do the rest (put a blank dvd in the burner before you do any of this or if you forget, it will pause and ask for a blank disk at the right time). There are a few other things you can set but nothing you need to worry about to get started and try it.
As far as which is beter, nero or dvd shrink, functionally they are very similar. Unless I have been misleed, the guy that originally wrote dvd shrink now works for nero. I haven’t used shrink in a long time but back then I thought nero was easier to use. They bot do the job fine (shrink is free but you already have nero).

When all is done with burning with Nero or Shrink will this dvd be playable in most dvd players hooked up too tv? What changes were made, will the movie be affected as far as quality? Another question I have is, when I use the Decrypter what form should be best for Nero to burn the DVD? Should I save them as an ISO like Pacman said for ripping with the Decryter?

The thing it probably depends on most is your dvd player. Most new dvd players including the cheap ones play burned disks fine. Older one are more problematic but still, many would/will play them. You can look up particular players here to see what they can play (and also look up ones you might want to buy).
Also, dvd-r used to be more compatible (probably because it had support first). Now with bitsetting (search bit setting), +r is as compatible (maybe more). Quality of the disks you use and the quality of the burn of course effect if it will play on anything ans some drives/standalone players won’t like reading certain media. Overall, yes they will play on many players.

Yes the movie will be affected as far as quality. If you use a good program (shrink or nero), you are not likly to notice the diffrence as it is small. It is still dvd quality video and looks very good. You do not get a drop in quality like you do with divx, svcd, vcd etc. If I were to play one and then the other and you didn’t know I swapped them, you probably wouldn’t notice. Pausing ans slow motion are probably effected more (you can see the compression, or at least I can). Still, it very good quality. You could remove the extras and only burn the movie (reducing or elimination compression) and burn the extras on another disk if you like, but its not really worth the trouble (to me anyway) as the loss is not significant.
I cannot answer what form is best. I have been using nero and anydvd for a long time. In otherword, when I “import dvd” in nero, I don’t go to a folder, I go to the drive that contains the dvd for the source. Further. I always used smart ripper before I got anydvd. I recently reinstalled dvd decryptor to copy resident evil (special copy guard and I hadn’t learned about the anydvd update yet). All I did was imported a file (to get past the copy guard) and clicked the icon at the bottom (never changed a setting). I’m not saying thats best, I’m just saying thats about all I know from recent use of dvd decryptor.
Pacman, any thoughts on how to best use dvd decryptor?

Yes, I think for ease of explanation that saving from Shrink to an ISO, is very easy , then just start up DeCryptor and burn the ISO. Its that easy, in the end it doesn’t matter if you save ISO or video and audio folders, but I did have a problem a long time with Nero ,burning the video and audio folders, I don’t think I had the parameters set correctly so I just did the no-brainer, and ripped to an ISO, then let DeCryptor do the rest. Bit-Setting is alot for a newcomer to backing up to understand, so in my opinion, any set top player that will play a +r (not bitset) will certainly play a -r, so if you are in doubt about your player start with -r. Also check here:http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers and search for the dvd player in question, and find out what it likes. I also wanted to clarify, that I rarely use decryptor for ripping, only troublesome movies, I just use Decryptor for burning, and Shrink for ripping. AS far as quality goes, if I have a long movie, and compression is below75% then I just do a chapter split in Shrink, and burn to 2 discs. Also keep in mind, if you just want to grab some of the extras, that you can specify the compression on the extras alone, and leave the movie itself for less compression. Hope this helps, and Good Luck.

I have almost completed a dvd burn using Shrink and Decrypter by going to the website Pacmac had sent me too: http://www.afterdawn.com/guides/arc…_dvd_shrink.cfm

I also recomend going to the website G)-(osters talked about: My DVD Shrink Guide
Please see his post above I couldn’t get it linked.

These two web sites were a great help along with al the info you all have given me. :bow: I look forward to all the stress relief of having copies of stuff for my kids not worrying about them scratching them up and destroying them.

I had a few issues with the inCD portion of the Nero in which it took control of both my cd and dvd drives and wouldn’t read a thing. I figured I must have activated the wrong thing, but it’s over now. I still plan experimenting with Nero to see how things go. But damn that Shrink and Decrypter make it really easy like you said Pacmac. :smiley:

More questions though. :slight_smile: Do I really need the InCD part of Nero? On a DVD could I get by just burning the main movie part of the disk and skid all the other stuff? Would it then play just like a VHS, just start the movie and thats it? The websites are good but sometimes they just don’t answer all the questions, you all have helped to fill in the blanks. :bigsmile:

I have triumphed! :smiley:

I’m sorry about the link in my post. It doesn’t work. The link in Pacmac’s port does work.

You don’t need incd. Incd is designed so that you can use the dvd drive the same as you would a floppy or hard drive using an rw. Kind of a cool idea but it and every other program like it I have seen likes to take control of the drive and caused problems with other programs. I would just remove it.

Biker Dude, First to burn DVD’s, shrink them first using DVD Shrink 3.2 , make sure that within the DVD shrink program that it is set to ISO Image,and save the shrunk movies to a folder on your hard-drive, once the movie is shrunk, open up Nero 2 pages will appear a larger page then one inside it with the menu of what you might want to burn, cancel the one with the menu on the left side of the screen, then go to the top of the bigger Nero screen click on Recorder go to burn image, set the write speed to half of the maximum blank DVD speed or to 2 times speed, and also check finalize disk box, this will help you burn DVD’s. For burning copies of your CD’s when you open Nero, and the 2 pages appear( as stated in the first part of this reply) on the menu screen go to copy CD or CD copy click on that set your setting to Max ISO Level 1, set the write speed to half of the burners fastest speed, also set to Mix Mode CD, then hit burn, insert, the disk to be recorded, Nero saves the info. to a space created by the program,after that’s done Nero will ask you to place a blank disk in the drive while it’s ejecting the disk that was backed up, place the blank disk in close the tray and wait and it will copy what you want.

Oh Biker Dude 420, I almost forgot, when your done burning the DVD’s go to where you have them shrunk and delete them from your hard-drive, and if you use Norton System Works, purge all the Unerase Files so you can get the movie of your hard-drive,so it frees up space on the HD.