Burning DVD's with Vista?

My computer with XP just quit working. I could not go without a computer so I now have to deal with Vista. I would of liked to stay with XP but its too late now. Now I need a strategy to burn movies with Vista. Somebody with some knowledge please let me know. The computer has Roxio(which is worthless). I have nero express 6 but it says its not compatible with Vista. I have read that dvd shrink is not compatible with Vista. If there is a free way to burn copies of dvd’s that is what I want to go with. If there is no free way to do it please give me some cheap alternatives. :confused:

I have Vista 64 and can run DVD Shrink 3.2, I’ve installed and run once so I haven’t tested extensively.

It allowed me to shrink using it but it would not let me use the back-up feature. After I shrink it what should I use to burn with.

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You can use Nero or maybe ImgBurn (which is popular with a lot of folk who use shrink).

You can always go dual boot and add an XP OS hard drive to your new computer. If your hard drive is large enough, you can partition it and install XP on the other partition. I recommend this to all who are stuck with Vista. Then you can phase yourself into Vista as it becomes more practical.