Burning dvds with subtitles (srt files) using VSO


Works fine on the small 14" tv in my bedroom but the subtitles do not appear on the 28" widescreen in the lounge (even if you change the tv screen ratio on the tv menu, or change the burning settings from automatic to widescreen on the VSO menu)

Hope somebody can help, thanks!

DVD player should have settings for displaying subtitles? If it works on one TV, then it should on the other…

You would have thought so, tried playing the dvd on the widescreen tv with an xbox, then a standard dvd player. No difference at all! Frustrating…but I like finding out the answers to these insignificant little problems that really mean nothing in the grand scale of things! The main problem being my little tv that the subs work on is too far away from my bed to fully enjoy, whereas the widescreen tv is 6 feet away from my settee!

Thanks for the reply though, appreciated :slight_smile:

most dvd players have a zoom function, so perhaps it’s an option to set the viewing to 1/2 the size of the original size. You get a lot of bars but hopefully you’ll see the subtitles.

OK, so dummy here has only just found out that on the xbox there is a sub menu that can be brought up to allow subs to be displayed.

Imkidd57 you were right, thanks for your help :slight_smile: