Burning DVD's with Sonic

Everytime I try to burn a DVD with Sonic, I get a DMA conflict. The drive is a SONY DVD RW DW-U18A with a firmware v. UYS1. The DMA msg appears just when I open up the Sonic app. I also have NERO installed, and some other CDFreaks links have recommended that the NERO app be uninstalled because NERO and SONIC don’t play well. At first I believed that it was the media, (we were using 16x DVD media). But now, I’m leaning towards SONIC\NERO as the culprit.

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Generally the only way that Nero conflicts with othe rburning apps is when it’s InCD is installed & the other app has something similar like Sonic’s DLA. Otherwise you can install all manner of burning apps - as I do - without issue.

Maybe I’ll try using the DMA reset tool and see if it helps.
Symptoms: When I launch the SONIC software, the app freezes my machine entirely and I get a DMA error. The only way to resolve is to reboot the pc.

Precisely what piece of Sonic software are you using, and version number?

I have Sonic MyDVD v 6.1

I guess from this you can create either the folders or an ISO image. If you can try burning with ImgBurn & see if that works. Nothing helpful on the Sonic website about this I’m afraid.

ImgBurn would be my preferred burning app anyway.