Burning dvd's with nero

I tried it the way suggested in a tutorial but it wouldn’t let me (don’t know why) so i had to start from scratch but the tute was good and it got me on the right track.

cheers dude


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sedge wehre are you having problems …here is my little tutorial that i wrote on copying dvd’s if yo uwanna check it out and it works …


just look for my name and pug pictures and start there

hope it helps ya out … keep me posted

cheers dude but still dont know what to do if dvd is protected?

dvd shrinnk takes aways copy protection …makes it region free … compresses …encodes and decodes …all in one program … you use it first and then nero express and should have no problems at all

cheers …

just tried to do a dvd and it wouldn’t do it because it said that the disc is protected


what dvd may I ask …?? i used this program to backup my dvd collection and thati s over 100 … what other programs u have on the pc and what version you using ?

the dvd is 28 days later
the other progs i have are xpress, copy2dvd, dvd copy xpress


i actually have backup that movie

it wont do it with me and i have dvd shrink 2.3 and 3 beta