Burning DVDs with Nero (problems)

I gotta point out at this stage that I’m a newbie, I mean a complete newb. I’ve only just got a new computer and its got a burner (a friend built it for me and installed the software).
I’ve been trying burn DVDs from .avi files and they come out jerky.
I’ve managed to make data dvds which only run on my cpu ok but no smooth running dvd formats.
anyone got any tips?
(Im not v good with the tech language, eg, not sure how to run logs - otherwise I wouldve put one in)

Welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

Firstly, are you watching these .avi files on your computer or a standalone DVD player in your living room?

Seondly, what brand of discs are you using and what burner is installed in your computer? The disc quality can definitely affect the playback.