Burning dvds with nero"impossible

:doh: ive had nero for 4 months and cant burn with any good results.its very frustrating and i just cant seem to get it.heres what i do write to hard disc then burn.i have the latest version of nero but im beginning to think nerois too hard.im a newbie and im getting frustrated.i have an i/o magic 16xburner,maxell dvd-r discs/riteck.i need helpm badly can anybody try to explain what im doing wrong in a way i can understand.any help is appreciated thanx ,les

ive had nero for 4 months and cant burn with any good results - what do you mean by that exactly ?

most times the burn process fails,i have managed to burn a few music videos.when i try to burn a full length movie it transcodes and it writes to video_ts on hard disc,but when i burn to my recorder it fails.i save to log but cant find it to view it.if i could i wouldnt be able to understand it.any help would be appreciated.thanx

Check in device manager and make sure that you have UDMA enabled for the DVD burner.
Then, get some better quality media (verbatim 16x) and try one to see if that helps. The media that you are using works good in some burners, and bad in others.

Ok Thanks For The Tip On Device Mgr,i Went There And It Doesnt Say Device Mgr. What Else Would It Say?ill Try The Verbatim 16x,again Thanks

so your saying you went to device manager and it didnt say device manager sure makes sense… :bigsmile:
see this guide http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=101616
take screenshots of “advanced settings” tab of both ide channels and upload to www.imageshack.us , also specify how the drives are connected whats on primary master/slave and secondary or just use nero infotool as i explained below

the media you used isnt the greatest however it should burn it upto 100% if the firmware supports it well enough at least, in some cases firmware updating can resolve a media compatbility issue, have you burned the media at its rated speed? if not then try it , anyway i suggest youll stay away from cheap medias espically ritek if you want whatever your burning will last long

is the burner connected standalone on the ide cable? if not its connected along with another optical drive or a hard drive? if you dont know then run nero infotool goto “configuration” tab take a screenshot and use the “manage attachments” button while posting the reply , see if theres a newer firmware in the manufacturer site you can see the current firmware with nero infotool at “drive” tab at “firmware version” , open C:\program files\ahead\Nero\NeroHistory.log copy & paste the latest log but dont include neros serial

thanks for the info phil ill try the things you suggested and let you know.i really do appreciate the help everybody is giving me

nero info tool locks up my computer

do you have the latest nero if not get it
and what about that nero burning log

yes i have the latest nero installedand ill find the log and post it

where do i find device manager??? i have the same problem as him

how do i post a log file to thread

see my previous reply and i suggest youll open your own thread for that

use “manage attachments” button or simply copy & paste

I Dont Know How To Copy And Paste.never Needed To Use It Before

Well Guess What I Burned A Dvd.so I Guess Im On My Way.im Still Not Sure Exactly What I Did Right But I Know Its Because Of The Help I Have Recieved In This Forum.thanks Alot You People Are Great.ill Keep You Posted And I Still Have Alot To Learn,cd Freaks Is The Bomb