Burning dvd's with nero 7

Hi Guys,

I need help…i have been burning dvd’s with nero for a couple of years now with no problems at all. I recently purchased some new dvd-r’s (nashua) and i get an ‘illegal disk’ error message in nero. I also have tried some new sony accuCORE 16x dvd-r and get the same error messages…any help you can give me on this problem would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

The problem is not in Nero. This is probably an incompatibility between your burner and the newer disks you’ve bought. Every dvd burner has firmware that contains lists of manufacturer id codes for various types of media, and the specific burning strategies used for those particular disks. If these newer disks are not included in those lists, then the burner cannot recognize them, and will default to a generic burning strategy…which often results in errors or very poor burns.

There are a few remedies. One is to update the firmware for your drive. Go to the manufacturer’s site and see if there is a newer one available to download. Most stop updating firmware after a year or two, so there may or may not be one for your drive.

Second remedy is to use media that has been around a long time and is well supported in the firmware of most drives. Not sure where you are from, but if you are in the US I’d recommend Taiyo Yuden 8x +R disks found at rima.com or supermediastore.com
Another good choice would be Verbatim 8x speed if you can find it.

Third choice is to get a new burner. They are very inexpensive these days…less than $30 for many of them at Newegg.com There are good drives available from LG, Pioneer, Optiarc and Lite-on.

Thanks for your response kerry56.

I figured it was a compatibility issue, i thought maybe because i have an 8x burner and the sony discs are 16x? But i thought maybe it would just burn them at 8x.
I have looked through other forums and ‘firmware’ keeps cropping up. I have also read that updating with the wrong firmware can do alot of damage so im not keen on doing this.
I think i will just end up buying a new burner…can i just get any burner and will it work on my computer? Is there one in particular you would recommend?

Again…many thanks

Because you are using an 8x burner, I’m certain that it uses an IDE interface. Many newer burners use SATA, but there are still a lot of good drives using the older style IDE/PATA interface.

Here are a few to look at:





Of those, I’d consider the Pioneer or Optiarc first. The LG’s seem to be more picky about wanting high quality disks all the time, but are otherwise good drives. I included a new Lite-on model so I wouldn’t be bombarded with accusations of bias :), but I don’t really know much about this new Lite-on model.

When you install the new drive, make sure the jumper on the back of the drive is set correctly. If it is going on the very end of the IDE cable, set it to Master. If it goes on the middle connector, set the jumpber to Slave.

Good luck.

Of those, I’d consider the Pioneer or Optiarc first.


Thanks for your help guys,

Being a total novice i just assumed that i could get a new burner and just swap it in my laptop. I have now been informed that is not an option because of the size and so i think the only option i have left is to try and update my firmware.

does anyone know what (if any) firmware updates there are for my drive and which one i should go for? Also, how do i find out which firmware version i have already?

I have a NEC ND 6500a

Again, many thanks

Laptop drives are a whole different kettle of fish alright. I was assuming you had a desktop, so nothing I’ve told you so far has been of any help.

To check the firmware revision, download a free utility called Nero InfoTool. http://www.nero.com/enu/support-nero8-tools-utilities.html

Liggy and Dee (trusted source for firmware) have this page for their modified firmwares and the original NEC firmware revisions: http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page/en/NEC-ND-6500A/
If your current firmware starts with a 2, only flash with another firmware that starts with 2. If it starts with 4, use only another firmware that starts with 4. The latest ones are the 2.25 and 4.25 versions.

If this doesn’t work you can always get an external burner and hook up to your laptop via USB connection. I’m certainly not an expert on them, but one of our mods here likes the LG external drives.

Thanks Kerry56,

According to the nero InfoTool i have Firmware Version 2.40. Does that mean i have a more updated version than 2.25? or should i still go ahead and get the 2.25? im soo confused lol

Who is the manufacturer of your laptop? You may have an OEM firmware available only through them. There is probably a list of firmware available from the laptop manufacturer…so check their site for a newer version.

Hello ScubaPro! If you decide to get an external dvd drive I would get an LG GSA-E10L or newer. I have one and it will burn to almost all cheap blank media I through at it.

I have a Packard Bell EasyNote H5315, I have looked on the PB website and there are no firmware updates.

Thanks for the recommendation GJ, That is an option i am considering.


Me again, so i decided to go out and buy a new dvd burner for my desktop. First few tries…perfect, burns first time.

Now i have a new problem. I am using nero vision 4 to transcode my avi files and burn to dvd. The problem i have is that although the files are 700-800 meg, and the dvds are obviously 4.7gb after transcoding nero gives me an error message…not enough space on the disc. How can this be?

I look forward to your replies,

Again, many thanks

The actual space you have on a single layer dvd is about 4.3gb----the way they measure is a little strange. Here is an explanation: http://club.cdfreaks.com/950293-post6.html

That isn’t the real problem though. Your avi files are probably encoded with xvid or divx codec, which compresses the video more efficiently than mpeg2 used in dvd-video. Nero Vision is trying to make the avi files into dvd video for you, and thus it takes a lot more room.

If you have a dvd player capable of playing divx or xvid, then all you have to do is burn them to a dvd as ordinary data files, not dvd video. A player that is capable of reading this type of video will give you a choice of the videos included on the disk.

If your player is not capable of playing avi’s then you have no choice but to convert and use fewer videos per disk.

Open your avi files with Gspot or MediaInfo and find out what codecs are used in them. It may be simpler to get a new, cheap dvd player that can use them directly—assuming they are xvid or divx.

i disagree, a DVD+R still holds 4.7GB of data (if your looking in the details… i.e. Bytes) or if your looking at it in terms of the way windows reports it… you got about 4482-4483MB per DVD+R disc.

but yeah i would agree with Kerry56 about getting a DVD Player that can do XviD/DivX cause it’s better that way and you can fit more files per DVD+R disc that way to.

p.s. on a side note… me personally i recommend getting a XBox1 console (i heard you can grab for around 40 dollars for the basic console @ places like gamestop etc) and softmoding it (which is FREE if you know what to do) with XBMC (XBox Media Center) as this way it can play basically ALL Video files a PC can play (no high def of course due to CPU limitations) but only side effect is this method aint super easy to do but once you get it up and running it’s just flat out better than a stand alone dvd player in my opinion (especially if you get a wireless controller for it) cause you can stream files from your pc to the xbox1 (assuming you got a router) and play video from the xbox’s hard drive… but based on ScubaPro’s knowledge i dont think the XBox1 route would be a good idea in your case (no offense) :wink:

Thanks for the advice and quick responses.

NBR - no offense taken…you lost me at ‘softmoding’ im afraid.

Kerry56 - I totally understand what you are saying about the actual space on a dvd disc and about the codecs etc (they are xvid by the way), however what i do not understand is why this has suddenly become an issue. I am trying to burn the same file types and of the same size from the same source that i have been burning with the same software (nero 7 + nero vision 4) for years. The only difference is before i was doing it with an 8x burner and on 8x discs. I have already successfully burnt 4 avi’s onto dvd and they were xvid too.

I am only trying to burn 1 file of average size 700-800 mb to a 4.7 (or 4.3) gb disc…surely even if it is compressed differently and nero does not give a true reading…this should still be enough space? I have even tried reducing the quality of the burn so that nero gives a reading of 3gb but still it says not enough space?

Also i used to be able to burn a 700mb avi files onto a CD-R so surely i should have no problems with DVD-R?

You should be able to fit about five or six of those avi’s onto a dvdr burned as data, and one should fit onto a cd as data, so you are correct in your basic arithmetic here.

Converting that size avi to dvd video I use very high bitrate settings and put two of them onto a dvdr, with a menu. I don’t use Nero though.

It seems Nero has decided to go squirrley on you for some unknown reason. This is on your new burner yes? Which type of blank dvds are you using (you mentioned two types earlier) and what is the model burner? Can you still burn data dvds at this point?

If you have one of the converted avi files on your hard drive (it should be in a Video_TS folder with .vob, .ifo, and .bup files within) you might try burning it to disk using a different program. I use ImgBurn for virtually all my burning tasks these days. It is free to download and use. Here is a guide for burning dvd video files using Imgburn: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=4632

Lets see if it gives any errors as well.

You could also try a different conversion program, like DVDFlick or FAVC.


I have just managed to successfully burn the avi files onto dvd using DVDFlick and imgburn. It took a little longer but it so worth it in the end…imgburn is the future…nero sucks (but i guess you probably already have been using it for years and already knew that?)

Anyway, just wanted to say a massive thanks for all your help and patience, hopefully this will be the end of my troubles and the start of a happy future of burning.

Thanks again!

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2152053]You should be able to fit about five or six of those avi’s onto a dvdr burned as data[/QUOTE]

well… depending on what you base it on i typically say anywhere from 3 to 6 .avi (XviD/DivX) files per DVD Recordable disc.

based on what seems to be the standard size of 700MB or 1400MB (depending on video length… typically speaking though 2hours-ish+ i recommend 1400MB (with .ac3 audio track) … for stuff around 1 hour 30minutes or so, 700MB (sound converted to 128kbps MP3) … this is a good rule of thumb in general and pretty much is considered ‘the standard’ for XviD encoding etc. )

[QUOTE=ScubaPro;2152244]imgburn is the future…nero sucks (but i guess you probably already have been using it for years and already knew that?)[/QUOTE]

yep you pretty much guess that right :wink: … all i pretty much use for general burning (which is pretty close to all my burning) is ImgBurn (for DATA) and Burrrn (for AUDIO) … both are FREE and load up super fast (especially Burrrn) and are quality software.

p.s. as for the ‘softmoding’ … to sum it up in easy to understand english… it basically makes the XBox console do stuff it normally cannot do :wink: , which in turn makes it play .avi files so that you can watch them on your TV like your typical dvd player… main reason i say XBox is better is cause it can do MORE than your typical home dvd player can… but if you just want to plug it in and stick a disc into the drive tray and play a movie… then obviously the DVD Player route is ‘easiest’ … but if you can ‘softmod’ the XBox console, it’s just flat out superior in terms of what it can do vs your typical DVD Player.

so in other words… initial setup of the XBox is harder but once it’s done it’s flat out superior to a home dvd player that can do XviD/DivX… main advantage of home dvd player that does DivX/XviD, u pretty much plug it in and it works.

but basically in you case the XBox routes main flaw is setting it up to do the ‘fancy stuff’ and once you do that you have to learn what buttons do what on the controller which could be a major turn off for you vs a home dvd player which your already familiar with :wink:

just some thoughts :wink: