Burning DVD's w/Plextools



I am the proud owner of two Plextor 716a’s, purchased recently. Tried burning a DVD with Plextools CD/DVD maker (I usually use Nero Ultra) and ended up with a disk that plays fine on my computer but not on my DVD player. I used the DVD-ROM (ISO) project type with default settings on Ritek R04 media.
What am I not doing? Thanks for the heads up. :stuck_out_tongue:


This a DVD Movie?

I had the same problem in Nero - The difference is in Nero, could just pick “DVD Video” to make a proper video DVD and it set up everything for me.

I don’t actually know what specific settings you would need to set to make a compatible movie DVD, but I know the defaults don’t work. They’ll make Data DVDs just fine, but not movie ones.

Also, make sure you set the book-type if you’re using +R media (-Rs should just ‘work’).


Yes, It is a DVD movie.


That media isn’t very good, do a PI/PO Error scan.


-Hostile Monk,
Thanks for the response, are you able to burn DVD’s that play on your regular player using Plextools as the burning software? If so, what’s your proceedure?

I’ve used these 16x DVD+ Riteks many times before on both Roxio and Nero and had much success, though the scans were not as good as some I’ve seen posted by people using Taiyo Yuden. :slight_smile:


ONE thing Plextools CANNOT do is burn DVD-Video (i.e. just burning the contents of VIDEO_TS folder). you can create an ISO with DVD Shrink from the folder and then burn that with PT or otherwise use NERO, Roxio or another app capable of properly creating the DVD-Video flags necessary for playability on a standalone player.


Sorry I didn’t understand your question fully. I have to ask, why change something that works? :wink:


-Hostile Monk,
Good point. Basically, I am curious as to whether or not burning software makes a difference. So, I thought I’d give Plextools a try and see if I noticed a quality change, you know?

One thing I observed Plextools does that Nero does not is tell you the actual write speed of the burn. No big deal. Thanks much for your comments. Oh, and what’s your favorite burning software if I may be so bold as to inquire? :slight_smile:


Scuba,there is a registry hack to make Nero show actual burn speed.Try searching this forum or Google,it works!!


My favorite burning software for ISO is DVD Decrypter (latest version


I have tryed that hack and it appeared to hinder the performace of the software somewhat. Everything seemed to move a little slower, and the burn took longer than usual, so I shined it and went back to normal Nero.

I seem to always have bad luck with hacks. . . regardless, thanks for the input!! :slight_smile:


Your clarity, accuracy and brevity are most appreciated, as always.


I have that and will give it a try. Have you ever tryed burning with Plextools? If so, what were your conclusions?


Who says you cant burn video disks with plextools?
Choose cd/dvd maker than choose ISO/UDF
make sure you have on your hard disk next to the VIDEO_TS folder the AUDIO_TS
folder ,if not create one it is empty.
Then drag both folder into Plextools and burn.


You are right! :bow:


Fons, i attempted to do that before and when inserted in my stand-alone DVD player it just showed me the file directory like a PC would. i’m not 100% sure i chose ISO/UDF format but i think i did. anywho, if it does work, thanks for correcting my misinformation. i will be away from my machines for a week or so but will give it a shot upon my return. apologies to all if i was mistaken (which i’ll be glad if i am as Plextools can really do everything! :wink: )


i’ve tried the iso/udf thing with plextools many times… and the dvd never works in a stand-alone player… i always use iso/udf in nero for video dvd and it works perfectly!


yeah, i tried it when we were discussing PT’s capabilities in this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=126050&highlight=burn+VOB+plextools

like you, even if i created the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders, it didn’t work in my stand-alone player (which just showed me the directory structure instead of playing the DVD). i’ll give it another shot when i get back to my PCs in a week, but for now, i’m saying it’s still up in the air (KenW couldn’t get it to work either).

in NERO i specifically select DVD-VIDEO when creating a new compilation and that seems to work just fine where you can just drag and drop the contents of a VIDEO_TS folder and it works fine in a stand-alone.


Hope I don’t run into any problems in the next week!!


cheers voodoomedicine :slight_smile: but i think i could use a break from CDF just as CDF could use a break from me :wink: (it’ll help bring my per day post count to below 20 :eek: )