Burning DVDs to play on 360

Hi all,

I have recently tried to copy a movie using DVDCloner.
I am using DVD 4.7gb +R disk.
The burnt movie plays ok on my standard DVD player but not on my PC or Xbox 360. It comes up with media not found, or incorrect codec.

I know the 360 definitely plays copied disks, i have a few that ive been given over the years. Does anyone know what copying software i would need to enable me to burn movies that were playable on the 360?

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Try the few that you’ve been given over the years, were they copied/burned with DVDCloner? what media type ? are they DVD-compliant or .mp4, avi what?
Maybe try with DVDFab Platinum or the free DVDFab HD Decrypter > Shrink if needed > IMGBurn to burn it…
I don’t use Cloner ,but I do use DVDFab Plat…try the trial,and see for yourself if it works for you…
Maybe you need to update the Xbox…

Hi T0nee1, thanks for your response.
They were copied with DVDCloner, and my guess is they should be dvd compliant. Ill try out your suggestions with FAB and see how i get on.
In the meantime if anyone has a tried and tested alternative, please can you let me know. Thanks