Burning dvd's - some play, some won't



hey. ive got a question about burning dvds. i have several programs for converting and burning dvds. i mostly use convertxtodvd, dvd shrink and dvd decrypter. i recently purchased a panasonic home theater system, the sc-pt660. i burned off a dvd, which consisted of vob, bup, and ifo files, using dvd shrink and decrypter. it played perfectly. i burned off another dvd, which still consisted of vob, bup, and ifo files and also burned it in dvd shrink and dvd decrypter. this dvd will not play. i do not understand what is wrong because i burned the two dvds the exact same way. any help is greatly appreciated! thankssss! :smiley:


if your backups were burnt onto a blank disc using the right structure (all video files are within a ‘video_ts’ named folder), and your disc verified ok with your burning program, giving a passable result after the burn (most burning programs can do this check), then i would try another dvd player to try and play it. if your newly burnt disc does not work on any dvd player (yet the movie files play ok when read straight from the hard drive) then you could always try another burning program as a last resort. If nothing works then it could well be a problem with the drive rather than the hard drive,files or programs you use. I think my own drive is starting to play up, so good luck, although you may well just have a badly burnt disc on your hands! If so, you may be able to correct the problem by simply trying to burn the disc using a lower burning speed.


This can also be due to variations in the quality of the disks you are using. I have recently had a cakebox of blank dvds where every one but the last two burned fine. The last two were duds.

Does the dvd you’ve burned work on the computer? If you don’t have dvd playback software, try VLC. It is free to use: www.videolan.org

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