Burning DVD's on a Mac

ok, i’ve got DVD2one for OSX. (BTW, it’s great!)

it resizes them wonderfully, and creates the VIDEO_TS folder. so i open up Roxio to burn them, create the DVD’s name (all caps) and add the VIDEO_TS folder that DVD2one has created.

i burn the DVD, and all the files transfer just fine. however, when i go to play them it’s nothing but a black screen.

the .vob files are all present, and play just fine via VLC. the original .VOB files were extraced using DVDBackup 1.2 from my original DVD.

sorry if i’m missing something amazingly obvious. i haven’t been able to get my PB’s DVD-R burner to burn DVD-RW discs just yet (firmware issue) so i’d like to not keep burning DVD coasters if possible. :slight_smile:

thanks in advance. keep up the great work guys!

edit: just saw the new thread on a DVD2One guide for OSX. i’ll read through that now, that’s what i was looking for. if in the meantime someone see’s an obvious problem, please feel free to point it out.

ok, i was screwing things up. for anyone else who’s a n00b, here’s a great little guide to the necessary burning steps.

  1. The Easiest way to do this is to create a folder with the name of the dvd, make sure that it is in all capitol letters.
  2. Next move your DVD2One created VIDEO_TS folder into this folder
  3. Now create a new folder and rename it AUDIO_TS
  4. Next Launch the Toast Titanium Program and select the DVD option under the other tab
  5. Now drag your DVD named folder containing the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders into the Toast window.
  6. If done properly Toast should have created a new DVD bearing the name of the main folder you had and containing the video and audio folders. 7. Now Burn and Enjoy.

credit should go to tgpo. thanks man! (or gal)

What media brand are you burning it onto? To state the obvious, you are using DVD-R and not -RW huh?


I’ve ran throu the same problem and find out what was the problem…

While using Toast, I was burning “data”, instead of choosing “DVD” in the “other” section.

After that, everything is working perfectly !


While using Toast, I was burning “data”, instead of choosing “DVD” in the “other” section.

yeah, i was doing the exact same thing. i didn’t realize that DVD was an option. i kind of felt like an idiot when i found that out. nothing like posting it on the internet so everyone else knows too.


i must say though, the quality is AMAZING, and took almost no time at all. no more stupid unskipable sections, trailers, ads. just pure movie goodness.


just to say it’s a new 1.3 version of DVdbackup (try versiontracker to find it)
this version as new decrypt code and is more speed.

Have a nice day!

Olivier :wink:

I’m a dude. Glad the guide helped.