Burning DVDs In Extended Play(EP Mode)

I recently purchased a pack of DVD+Rs. I have a DVD burner that supports every CD and DVD type and I need to know how to use Extended Play(EP Mode). That will let me burn up to 240 minutes on a 4.7 GB DVD. Does anyone know how to do that?

If you have a burner its not the length but the size.So if its over 4.38GB you need to compress it. If you are using a DVD recorder set it to long play.

These modes only apply on set-top dvd recorders, not PC DVD writers.

If you’re dvd is too big to fit on your recordable, you will need to compress it as bamo said. You can use dvdshrink to do this, it’s free and supports reading directly from your dvd drive and it generally gives good quality.

But, I’m not sure quality is your goal if you’re trying to fit 4 hours on one disc. As a general rule for myself, I will split it into two discs if quality falls below about 75%.