Burning DVDs - how long?

I don’t know whether or not to buy a DVD recorder yet. The speeds of the recorders on the market seem awfully slow, like 1-4x. If you had a full DVD with 4.7GB of data to burn, how long will it take with the fastest recorder on the market? How fast is the fastest recorder on the market? Burning a 700MB CD on 4x already takes like 20 minutes…a 4.7GB one must take something like 2 hours.

Also, is there an article here which would tell me whether to go for DVD-R or DVD-RAM or DVD+R format?

2.4X = 24 minutes

4X = 15 minutes

Dont forget you are talking about 6 CDs worth of Data.

For DVD @ 2.4X, I get 23 - 24 minutes. And yes, consider you’re burning 4.38GB of data it’s actually really fast.

For 700MB CD @ 52x, I get 2:30 minutes

Get a dual format DVD writer for $195 so you don’t have to think about which one to get. But then again, you can always bring DVD+R and DVD-R media w/ you when you go DVD player shopping. DVD+R writer costs $159.

If you are in the UK a +RW burner is about £100