Burning DVDs hangs my computer

Hallo !

I just bought a NEC 2500A DVD burner today, and have been having some strange problems with it.
System : WinXP, Nero

Here are some of them :

When burning a DVD+R it reaches 100%, and when “Used Read Buffer” starts coming down Nero stops responding and hangs up. It also locks the DVD drive, so I can’t open it with any means in Windows other then booting. Tested 3 times. Same result.

When burning a DVD-RW it either does the above, or gives me the Blue Screen of Death that states a strange NTFS related problem. Tested 4 times.

When burning a CD-RW I get a strange Blue Screen of Death that I don’t know what it means.

When burning a CD-R, it finished Okay once, and hanged up the other 2 times(hanged up = the first error)

I suppose you understand that something is pretty wrong.
What do you think it is ?
Bad hardware(IE DVD burner) ?
Bad media(DVD+R is by Fortis, the DVD-RW is by TDK and the CD-RW are SilverLine) ?
Bad software(maybe I should be using Nero for this ? At all ?) ?
Maybe a Windows problem ?

Also, I should note that I never used any drivers. I looked for them, but decided to go without drivers after not finding any.

Thanks in advance for any help provided,
Best Regards,
Arkady Freidman

I had similair blue screen death problems and it turned out to be my hard drive but that may or may not be your problem but it does sound like you have a bad problem somewhere but to help us help you please be more specific.
1 Does this blue screen of death appear at other times on your PC and what error msg does it state.
2 how are you burning ie on the fly or from an image.
3 what is your ide hook up

things to try of the top of my head.
1 burn from image at the slowest speed.
2 burn on the fly at the slowest speed.
3 test your h/d for errors / some makers provide a small diagnostic tool to test your h/d these can be of great use as this identified my problem as it would only happen when the h/d was being used heavily giving me a blue screen of death or hanging the whole system usually whilst burning with a stack over flow error.

Let us know how you get on.

What kind of IDE cables are you using? If they are the fancy round type–GET RID OF THEM IMMEDIATELY! and replace with the regular flat 80 conductor ribbon cables. Round cables have a lot of crosstalk and can cause such problems.

Lemme know…


Hmm, I was doing a search trying to fix this problem, and stumbled onto my own post. Guess I forgot about it. hopefully, I’ll revive it a bit.

Now to the answers -

1 Does this blue screen of death appear at other times on your PC and what error msg does it state.

The Blue Screen of Death(BSoD) does not appear without any specific cause. the one I talked about shows up only when I try to burn DVDs. And(and that’s an important “and”) when I try to make very large ISO files using WinISO.
I’ll try to explain that one - I figured that maybe nero messes up the ISO making stage, so I’ll make my own ISO file and burn it with either Nero or Alcohol 120%(Hasn’t failed me yet, but Alcohol needs CD image files, and can’t compile it’s own). But at 70%-80%+ I got the same BSoD and a system crash.

I don’t remember exactly what the error message is, but it’s some generis system crash. Nothing special that I could figure anything out of.

2 how are you burning ie on the fly or from an image.

On the fly. When i tried making the ISO myself using WinISO I got the same BSoD.
Burning ISO files that I didn’t compile works. Though with Alcohol 120%. I never tried it with Nero ever since I wasted 6 blank DVDs
trying to burn stuff on them and getting fatal errors.

3 what is your ide hook up

Regular bus cable(the flat and wide one).Tek called it a ribbon cable. I’m pretty sure that we mean the same thing.

So you mean that even when you make a “very large” (about how large?) ISO files (image) on your HD the computer crashes with a BSOD? (Making an ISO image like that doesn’t involve the DVD writer).

Originally posted by TekWiz
So you mean that even when you make a “very large” (about how large?) ISO files (image) on your HD the computer crashes with a BSOD? (Making an ISO image like that doesn’t involve the DVD writer).

It crashes at about the 3.5 GB area. I tried making about 3-4 different ISO files using WinISO. The attempted ISO files were ranging from 4 GB all the way to 6 GB.

Also, I did a scandisk, and it didn’t find any problems.

Since the crashes happen even when you are not writing an actual DVD, then the problem is with the computer itself.

The first most important step for starting to diagnose the problem is to take note of the exact message and STOP ERROR number on the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). It may mention a driver filename, like blah.vxd and it will show a STOP 0x000000XX number. This usually indicates where the problem is arising.

I’ll give you a good example: I built a Gigabyte Athlon computer for someone recently, and was getting BSOD crashes at seemingly unpredictable times. The thing would burn in great for hours at a time and then crash. By taking note of the BSOD error (YOU MUST TURN OFF AUTO REBOOT ON FAILURE-I ASSUME YOU HAVE THAT TURNED OFF!) I traced the problem down to a very unlikely culprit–THE AUDIO DRIVER for the built in audio! I simply installed an older version of the driver, and the computer is rock solid for months now.

The funny thing is that the problem just seemed unpredictable–I would burn in with a benchmark for hours, and the computer would most likely crash after I stopped the burn-in and just browsed around a bit. Seems that Windows stupidly makes a little sound by default when you browse (click sound), so the benchmark didn’t make sounds but when I started clicking around, the little clicks crashed the sound driver! Junk… :Z

BTW: About hard drive errors: Scanning for errors is pretty useless as drives take care of errors internally and even a somewhat defective drive won’t show anything. To verify a hard drive completely you need to use the S.M.A.R.T diagnostic software for that manufacturer. (Available on their website).

So try again and take note of the error number. Also it would help if you gave me the computer model/motherboard info/peripherals details.


I am experiencing the same problem. But I only tried burning a DVD and haven’t seen any BSOD yet.

It simply stops responding when it reaches the 99 or 100% complete. The burner is also a NEC2500 and I am also running WinXP with Nero

The burner is working perfectly, because previously I had it installed in an other machine. But I bought a new one and put the burner in the new one. The differences withe my previous machine are:
IDE-Disks (now using S-ATA)

The burner isn’t in slave mode anymore, but on a seperate IDE channel as Master.

Please help!!!

I had some strange hangs with Nero (all 6 versions) when my S-ATA Intel controller was configured to “Compatibility” mode :eek: :eek: , I switched to “Enhanced” (in BIOS) and everything works fine …

Possible solution:

I de-installed my Nero

And Re-installed

Burned a DVD and it worked!!

Tomorrow I will re-install

If you don’t hear anything from me again everything works.