Burning DVDS from mpeg's and avi's

i have tried a few programs for burning DVD’s from a bunch of AVI and MPEG torrents i have downloaded but none of them seem to work
if anyone can tell me what programs they have had success with i would grately apreciate it
thanx people

Nero VisionExpress 2
Sonic MyDVD :slight_smile: :wink:

yes i got sonic dvd with my burner, but i am not able to lower the quality to get more than 60 minutes on a disc
i found the setting for mpeg quality within the program but changing it has no effect when you load an mpeg or avi to the menu, they still remain at hi quality so i cant burn anything longer than 60 minutes
what am i doing wrong?

I had this problem too when I tried to get a full DV tape shot on LP (90 min) into a single DVD. I had to split my captured mpeg file into two and burn them in two separate DVDs. :slight_smile:

If you can get your hands on some DL DVD discs & writer, that should solve the problem. The problem is getting the discs. :frowning: