Burning dvds for a stand alone dvd player

I need step by step instructions on how to burn burn an xvid.avi file to a dvd-r so that it will play in my stand-alone dvd player, it all seems far too confusing to me.


Hi there Tanya,

Luckily enough, our moderator Chickenman made a great guide on converting divx (same goes for xvid) to DVD. Read it all here.

If this leaves any questions open, feel free to ask us!

Thanks for replying so fast.
Does anyone know anything about Nero dvd-mpeg2 plugin, it claims to do all the conversion for you while you are burning, seems like less trouble and less software if it is indeed true?


When I try to follow the directions for the dvd conversion I get an error when loading the file that says the scenarist does not exist, what does that mean and how do I fix it.