Burning DVDs ERROR

Okay I really hope someone could help me out. I only recently got a DVD burner (Benq) and for the first month it burned DVDs just great using Nero 6 but as of late it still burns but only CDs and whenever I try to burn a DVD it would complete like 1% and come up saying Burning Process Failed, Calibration area full! And I know I didnt put too much to be burnt, so some one if you have even a slight idea PLEASE HELP!!

Can you post a Nero log the next time it happens? Might help people to help you better.

Oh, and welcome! :slight_smile:

There’s actually a thread discussing this problem , with a Benq burner, which may prove a worthwhile read.

Find it here

Another post elsewhere I found suggested deleting all the files in the %temp% folder.

Found this also.

[I]Error Message:
Power Calibration Error Power Calibration Area (Almost) Full
Nero may show this error message if your drive is having problems performing a power calibration. Software such as Nero tells the drive to initiate a power calibration before burning any data. This power calibration determines the ideal power setting for burning data to a disc. For the calibration the drive uses a special track on the CD-R or CD-RW. According to Ahead Software, this track is accessible as many as 999 times.
Ahead Software recommends several possible solutions. The easiest is to simply try a different disc, especially if the disc comes from another manufacturer. If this doesn’t solve the problem, try updating your drive’s firmware. Most manufacturers provide firmware upgrades on their Web site.

If you’re still receiving error messages, try a different power connector to ensure the drive is getting enough power to burn the disc. Make sure no other devices are using connectors on the same strand. If this still doesn’t solve the problem, try changing the drive’s master/slave status or the IDE channel it’s connected to.

If the problem persists, your drive may need servicing.

Source: Ahead Software: Nero Error Messages FAQ No. 9[/I]

Hi Kee,

Which Model BenQ did you get?

  1. Update your Firmware from BenQ official site. If you have DW1640 … you should be running “BSOB” firmware.
  2. Make sure your BenQ burner is on Primary and not Slave.
  3. Set your DMA to max (might have to go to your BIOS) but usually you can do it from “Manage Your Drives” screen.
  4. Decode your Original DVD to an ISO file
  5. BURN this ISO file using DVD Decrypter … forget about using NERO.
  6. Burn at Speed of 4X.
  7. If you are using DVD+R make sure you set your Booktype to DVD-ROM (makes it more compatible for DVD players palyback)

By the way, Download latest QSuite from BenQ site … great tool.

Post your RESULT on this Thread again. Good Luck!