Burning DVDs at exactly 1.8x

ok. I have a MicroSolutions (NEC 1100A->1300A) external, USB 2.0 dvd burner that works very well, however it only burns at 1.8x. In CD Speed it can read at 5x.

Now here’s my question? How can I get this puppy to burn faster? It’s supposed to be a 4x writer for R and 2.4 for RW.

It is hooked up via usb2.0 cardbus adapter to a laptop PIII, 1 gig, XP SP2, 256 RAM. I almost exclusively use Fuji (TY G02) and TEON (MCC 003) +R and Fuji (RICOJPN) +RW media and it all burns at the same speed.

I can accept the fact that I have an old and slow computer and that 1.8 is all it can deliver, on the other hand, if there are tweeks I can use to bump up the speed, I’d love to know about them.


It’s a combination of the external setup and your low specs.

That’s what I was afraid of. Thanks.

Have you checked DMA is on?


I have a p3 850, with 256mb ram, xp, and a usb2 cardbus adapter and i can burn at 4x on it with my 1633…

also, dma dose not apply with external enclosures…

sounds like an enclosure issue to me…have you tried it on another computers?

Just a note,i use an external enclosure for my MSI burner,i have a fairly high spec pc but can only burn at 4 speed on an 8 speed burner.