Burning DVD's at 12x speed on old PII-266MHz computer. Is't possible



More then a month ago, while doing some back-ups I tried to hook up my Litey SOHW-812 on my old PII-266MHz home network computers IDE bus.
Burning at 4x speed was okay but kinda shaky (buffer underruns al the way), 8x burning was nogo.

Well, I thought, maybe I should try something else. So this evening I popped in a USB2 add in card on PII-266´s PCI bus and connected my external 16x burner (NEC 3500 on USB2) to this box.

Surprisingly, burning at 8x speed completed without any issues. 12x burning,is still nogo though. Burning stops when shifting from 10 to 12x speed… :confused:
But then, what can we expect from more then a 7 years old system.

Anyway, USB2 seems to be the way to go. :slight_smile: Anybody else have some advices or experiences.?

Mobo: Intel AL440LX dated -97
CPU: Intel PII-266MHz running at 66.6MHz FSB
Memory: 256 MB SDRAM PC100 (FSB-DRAM=1:1, CL2/2.5/2/2/5)
HDD: WD 80GB /8MB cache
NIC: 3x CNet PCI Gigabit Ethernet, Realtek RTL8169S
USB2: Ali M5273 PCI to USB2 add in card (cheap)
External enclosure: ICYBOX
DVDRW: NEC ND-3500 (in enclosure), fw LD_2.18_V2B6 (Liggy&Dee27)
OS: M$ Windows 2000 Pro SP4


What was the burst when hooked up to IDE pinto2?


Approx. 10.700KB/s :wink:


There is one major factor here: Burst Rate. This tells you that the MAX can almost reach 12X, but this is very iffy, as burst is not sustained for longer times.
Also, runs test on the speed of the hard drive, I think Nero Infotools has some tests, and what numbers you get there.

And I wonder why the CPU Usage is n/a at 8X, maybe it is too high, like 100%? in that case, you really need more resources, to run over 8X.


wooohooo lol looks like USB2 would is better on that set-up :wink:


Is you IDE controller EIDE33? if you get burst rate on the IDE of only 10MB/s is may be the older IDE16?
so the limiting factor is more the input hard drive.
Also FireWire has lower CPU usage, so might be better setup for slower PC.


If you hook the burner to the PCI slot, then transfer speed will not be an issue. The limitation is the CPU. Burning at high speed requires CPU clock time. My 600 MHz has no problem supplying a minimum continuous speed of 29 MB/sec. But the CPU load tops out around 14X. So I can burn fine up to 12X. My write speed increases to 8 min with 16X burn.


Attaching my HDD burst rate. :wink:
Note, I always run Diskkeeper 9, and my drive is newly defragmented.

To my knowledge CD/DVD Speed´s “CPU usage” has nothing to do with the “real” CPU usage when burning. But, a visit to CD/DVD Speed thread above might give you more info.

Sorry, I don’t have any firewire PCI card lying around right now. But, it might be worth a try later on.


I think I would pick up a nice PCI IDE-66 card and run it on that, should work nicely. Unless you can get a IDE-100/133 card to work, then go with that.


I am looking at the HDD transfer rate, it is strange that C: partition is at 26MB/s and D: and E: much slower at 18-19MB/s.
I do not remember if on Win2000 the NTFS partition can have different cluster sizes to explain this.

The C: seems fast enough for 12X, assuming CPU usage does not go very high.
I assume you have only one HDD on primary master and you hooked up the DVD burner on secondary master, and both with DMA enabled.