Burning DVDs and VCDs



Ok here goes my first post.
I would like to “SIMPLY” burn DVDs and VCDs. I have done some research and have tried a few free programs. I dont have much luck with share ware, it always messes my computer up or I cant figure the program out and it has no support usually. So I decided to get dvd x copy and Roxio 6 which were both on sale. Have tried trial version of Nero but the learning curve seemed a little steep for me. I could figure it out, just dont have the time to learn programs that aren’t user freindly. I have a Toshiba laptop with a sd-r6012 1x dvd-r/rw drive. I watch them back on a Panasonic dvd-s35 which is cheap but plays back all formats. I am using Comp USA DVD-r media now.
Problems: half the time when I burn a DVD movie with xcopy it doesnt copy the whole movie or copies the special fetures.
When I burn a VCD with Roxio 6 it wont play in the Panasonic, but if I burn a SVCD it seems to work OK. I did burn a data DVD that was 7 gig and it put it on 2 disc, then had to load Roxio on my desktop to copy the Data to my hard drive. Roxio wont copy movie DVDs as you all know.
Questions: Is there any good programs out there that are fairly simple to do lite editing and add sound to, or copy DVD movies then be able to burn on any ( DVD, SVCD, or VCD ) media I want, and is reliable?
And has anyone found DVD-r or DVD-rw media that works almost everytime with the toshiba sd-r6012, and where can I purchase it at?


dvd shrink is easy and freeware

and use it with nero express you can copy any movie

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well have fun burner …questions just message me or IM me


Download.com has some VCD/DVD trial versions that you can try. But to get the best burning for the money,I agree on Nero!!!


Can only comment on the VCD burning,but no problems with using Nero here, using the Wizard template saves hassles, it’ll accept stuff encoded with Tmpgenc no problems.