Burning DVDs (ACK!)

Ok. Go ahead and laugh, I honestly have no clue what I’m doing.

I have an Emachine that came with Nero, and I downloaded three more programs in am attempt to burn the darn thing.

Well, every time I pop in the DVD, Nero comes up. I select what I’m supposed to, and it says it’s not supported.

Looking deeper, I see that they’re vob files, or bup, or ifo. All three. Dunno what they mean. Anyway, it says they’re not supported.

For people like me for instance … is there a way to just pop in the DVD, have the stupid program rip it, and pop in a blank DVD-R and burn it to the disc? I just wanna make a copy of a few DVDs, as my boyfriend and I are moving out of where we are into separate places, and it’s the only way to separate the DVDs we purchased “halfsies,” you know? I’m not re-selling or anything, just trying to divvy up the spoils, so to say.


<-- Kendra

Well, Kendra… I’d be a bit concerned if you’re moving into separate places. :wink:

Ahrm. There are a LOT of programs that will do what you’re asking for, to one degree or another… uhh… where do I start?

I’d start out using DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink they’re both free. Check this out for a guide: http://www.afterdawn.com/guides/archive/dvd9_to_dvdr_with_dvd_shrink.cfm

Nero can do it too if your version of nero came with recode (diffrent oem versions of nero have varying capabilities and included software). You will have to use dvd decryptor to get past the copy guard (or use anydvd whick runs in the background but it is 40$).

use dvd shrink. i have made an easy guide

Thank you all so much :smiley: Now let’s see if I can handle it. ><