Burning dvd

after copying a movie. then asked to insert a blank dvd. i do so, but it says that it is a single layer media disc. it asks for a dual layer. what does that mean? also when i used the old dvd fab express i had no problem until i upgraded to platinum. does it have something to do with choosing (dvd5) or (dvd9). can someone pls help. :doh:

i cant believe i actually need to explain something so obvious , exactly as it says you need to use a dual layer (8.5gb) disc cuz apperantly the movie your trying to burn is dual layer… and that cannot fit to a single layer (4.7gb) disc unless youll re-encode it and lose some quality

Pick DVD-5 in the drop-down menu at the bottom of the main DVD Fab Platinum window, that should do it. :slight_smile:

This is assuming you’ve taken out all the subtitles, and extra audio streams in order for it to fit onto a single layer disc.

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Just so you know, most Movie DVD disks out there are dual layer. Often when you rip the contents from the disk you can remove a lot of the “extras” to make the size much smaller thus requiring less compression which will result in a higher quality backup. These extras can often, I dont use DVDFab so I dont know its workings, be removed automatically by burning the movie only. Most burning programs have this option available. After choosing this option you can remove any useless subtitles, other languages for instance, and many of the sound files, again other languages. All this is of course assuming that you do not want the extras and are more concerned with the picture quality of the movie. If you do want all the extras you may want to consider buying some dual layer disks. They are more expensive but you can get the whole disk backed up without any quality loss.

You can find a lot of information about DVDFab in this forum .

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thx so much. i am just a novice to this, but am willing to learn more.