Burning dvd?

:slight_smile: hello,
i need some help i have a benq 1655 and a i/o magic dvd burner and i was trying to find out is there any way of burning a movie from one dvd burner to the other one with out haveing to burn the movie to my hrad drive and then burn it to a dvd to save my self time what i am trying to do is use one of the burner for reading the dvd i want to burn and then the other one to burn the movie with out haveing to save it to my hard drive frist like if i would be useing a DVD Duplicater burn the dvd Strait from one dvd to the other :confused:

You could, but most people here probably wouldn’t recommend it. Complications from both drives sharing a cable, reading slowdowns catching the writer by surprise, and what not come to mind. But hey, give it a shot, if it works for you, we can’t really stop ya.

You should never copy a DVD (or a CD) on-the-fly.

Like tehGrue said, it can lead to readability problems (due to the need of carrying out two CPU intensive processes).

When you play the copy, most likely you’ll get the video skipping every now and then.

Unless you own a legitimate DVD Duplicator, I’d rip to the Hard Drive first before burning back onto a blank DVD.

:slight_smile: thanks tehGrue,and soneman i guess i better just stick to burning them onto my hard drive first then on to a dvd

Just a little tip, there’s no such thing as ‘burning’ a DVD onto your Hard Drive.

The term is called ‘rip’ as in ripping to your Hard Drive.