Burning DVD

I am new at this and having a problem buring a videos on to a DVD+R. I have a New Panasonic SW-9574 DVDRAM-RW-DL. I have tried Nero, I have tried Pinnicle, I have tried movie maker. None of them seem to work. I can encode it and says it is writing to the disk but light never comes on. Then is said it is complete and check the disk and nothing on it. Someone help please. like I said I am a real newbie. Just wanted to make some DVDs to send to family of the NEW Baby. Thanks,

hope this help’s are the movie files from a camcorder,if so they will most probably be avi, mpeg,or mpeg2 format if so try using vso’s divx to dvd software to convert them into vob files then burn them with nero.which it does for u.

Where would I find vso’s divx to dvd software? Thanks for the Info.

:slight_smile: u can get it from here www.vso-software.fr think its a trial version though arent to sure or do a google search for it . hope u sort it out
if not im sure someone else will have some suggestions on how to help take a look in some of the other sections in the forums :slight_smile:

Thanks Jacen9. I will check it out.

no probs astro & welcome to the forum

I changed my videos into VOB files and went to Nero and tried to burn to a DVD+R and it wanted me to Encode the files. Did I do something wrong while changing to VOB file or is that normal. Maybe I didnt have nero Setup right. Any help would be great. Thanks…

got to reading alittle more. When I change to Vob file and go to nero to burn it am I suppose to Burn just the VOB file or all the files it makes changing from a MPG to VOB file.

just burn the vob files,i think nero is tryin to encode the original mpg file, in the divx settings under burning untick the add original files to dvd & burn results to dvd , so when u use it again there will only be the converted vob files not both ie the original ones as well, then burn the vob fiiles using nero or clonedvd2

OK Jacen9 I am alittle confused. I am using WinAVi to Convert my files. I dont know what you are talking about when you say Untick. I understand that I should only try and burn the VOB files. help me understand the rest of it. Sorry about this.

sorry my fault :doh: thought u was using vso divx to dvd , lol

ive never used winavi , always used divx to dvd i though u had given it a try lol

I can use VSO DIVX if that will solve my Problems. If you think that is what I need to do. We can do that. Sorry about the confusion.

ive never had any probs with converting mpg mpeg 2 or avi files to vob’s using divx

:slight_smile: Jacen9 Thanks again for your Help I will give VSO DIvx a try and let you know how it works out tomorrow.

:clap: Jacen9

Just wanted to let you know it worked. The video looks alittle big for the screen is that normal or is there a setting that I can change to help that. Thanks for all your help.

Also how would I go about putting titles on the chapters and a Menu. Would like to have a professional look on these DVDs when I send them out. Ok so maybe not a pro but you know what I mean.

glad it worked if u go into the settings there is the option under tv format for either 4:3 or 16:9 and settings for chapters,not sure about the menu’s bit , but there may be some way to add menu’s through nero

if not look through the other forums to see if there is anything which might help or ask if anyone else as any ideas think vso where on about adding something to there program for a menu option but when im not to sure. sorry that i cant advise u abit more hope u get sorted :slight_smile:

just had a thought now the file is a vob maybe dvd shrink might be able to add a menu to it but i arent to sure its worth a try

I have a DVD Multi-format RW±/R± drive made by Pacific Digital a model U-30264.


Buffer Size 2 MB
Device Type DVD±RW (+R double layer) drive
Enclosure Type Internal
Interface IDE
Optical Storage 1 x DVD±RW (+R double layer) - 5.25" x 1/2H
OS Required Microsoft Windows 2000 SP2, Microsoft Windows XP SP1
Product Description Pacific Digital Mach 16 - DVD±RW (+R double layer) drive - IDE
Read Speed 48x (CD) / 16x (DVD)
Rewrite Speed 24x (CD) / 4x (DVD-RW) / 8x (DVD+RW)
Write Speed 48x (CD) / 8x (DVD-R) / 16x (DVD+R) / 2.4x (DVD+R DL)

Everytime I try to burn a disk, either using Nero (v 6) Express, or DVD Shrink, the process fails because (according to Nero) “The drive does not support changing the book type of *** to DVD-ROM.” This happens on DVD-R and DVD-RW disks, whether it is data or video.
How can I turn off the “Change book type” on Nero so it doesn’t try this?
How can I make my drive support changing the book type on these drives?

Please help, after ruining 10 disks I am starting to think I will never be able to burn a DVD video.