Burning DVD with Nero 6 OEM

I’m a beginner. I’ve downloaded some non-copyrighted concert videos. One is definitely AVI, the others I’m not sure, as the properties say only “Video clip.” I’m assuming mpeg or avi.
The question: how do I burn this to a DVD that will play in most standard DVD players? I tried one, with some difficulty, and it didn’t work.

WinXP, Nero, ATI Radeon 200 Pentium® D cpu 2.80Ghz
System memory 445mb cpu 2800 mhz bus 200mhz
dvd burner drive: TSST Corp SHS182D

I tried Nero Recode (to compress?) a 806,000kb file on to one disc. Got “Due to patent license restrictions, mpeg-4 encoding is not available,” then something about an upgrade. That was an avi.
I managed to burn it to a disc using one of the dvd programs in Nero Express (as data files I think) but it wouldn’t play in a stand-alone player. I can’t even open it on the compter to see what kind of files are in it; says the drive “can’t be accessed/incorrect function”.

I then tried to burn the 706,000kb “video clip.” Got the mpeg-4 message with Recode and with Nero Express 6 I got:

[I]One or more files could not be added to a compilation.

The following files may not reside in the VIDEO_TS directory of a DVD-Video compilation. Only compliant DVD-Video files
VTS_nn_0.BUP and
can be added to the VIDEO_TS folder. Please add files from a completed DVD-Video title or use an authoring software like NeroVision Express to create DVD-Video files from standard video files such as *.avi and *.mpg.

The file does not match the current file filter.[/I]
Authoring program? Nero 6 won’t convert avi/mpeg to a dvd movie file (vob?)? Apparently this version of Nero doesn’t recognize mpg/avi. Is that right? The manual says I need NeroVision Express 3 to write a DVD. I would have thought, however, that I could at least burn avi or mpg files to a disc (even as dats files).

So again: how do I burn these files to a DVD that will play in most standard DVD players? How do I just plain copy the avi/mpg files from the hard drive to a dvd disc?

Thanks in advance.

You might want to try DVD Flick (freeware), then check for any errors which can sometimes happen and then burn with ImgBurn (also freeware).

So what good is this Nero software? Just CDs?