Burning DVD with Fast Play



I got this Disney dvd that features the Fast Play function. When i try to copy it using clonedvd, it just doesn’t play normally on my dvd player. I play it using the computer and it works fine. Just wanna know what the problem is? Is there a way for me to copy it so i can view it on my dvd player? Is there any special software I need to use? Please help!:sad:


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Exactly what is the full complete title Name of this particular undisclosed Disney DVD?



The title is ‘Enchanted’.


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I have reviewed all Disney “Enchanted” related postings at the SlySoft Forum and if you have the most current up to date versions of AnyDVD v6.4.5.9/CloneDVD v2.9.1.9 you should not have any problems successfully making a BackUp copy of your original Disney “Enchanted” DVD.

Unfortunately your “It Just Doesn’t Play Normally On My DVD Player” description is rather simplistic and lacking in any particular pertinent details as the exactly what your particular DVD Player device Viewing PlayBack problem actually is.

Some AnyDVD users in some instances have experienced problems when using the “Remove Annoying Adverts & Trailer”, “Jump Directly To Main Movie”, or “Jump Directly To Title Menu” options. Some DVD Player devices have difficulty with some particular DVD Movie Titles when these AnyDVD options are used. Suggest not using these AnyDVD options and see if this corrects your problem.



I have made a successfull backup copy of this movie (Enchanted) using Any dvd & clone cd but that will require a DL dvd. I haven’t checked out the slysoft forum but in the past a dvd with fast play if I don’t do 100% 1:1 backup with clone cd on a DL dvd I usually just edit out the menu with clone dvd and just copy the main movie only