Burning DVD with Chapters

Hi Everyone,

I want to burn a movie onto a DVD but I want to create the chapters on the DVD so that I can have jump points to the various scene selections.

I am using Nero 7.5.9. So, if I have a big AVI file on the hard drive, how do I use this software to create the chapters and burn it onto the DVD? I was successful in burning the DVD for the entire file, just can’t figure out how to create the chapters before I burn it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Go to www.videohelp.com, tools section, and look at Authoring Tools. There are dozens of them. Sort them by their ratings, and you will have a good idea of which ones are the most popular, and you can see which ones are free, and which ones have what price. I personally use Sony DVDArchitect, but it isn’t cheap.

go here for a Nero guide