Burning DVD-Video with NeroApiTest.exe


I have a VIDEO_TS folder filled with .VOBs, .IFOs and .BUPs and an AUDIO_TS folder that i’m burning with NeroAPITest. However, the created disc will not play back on my DVD player.

I’m using:
neroapitest --write --drivename g --iso New --real --dvdvideo AUDIO_TS VIDEO_TS

i also tried buring in udf and isoudf. The burning works, i can see those two folders and all the right files in the VIDEO_TS folder.

Any help would be appreciated.


I’m not sure what neroapitest is but I have Nero 6.03 installed and you can’t burn video files as a regular data disc.(If this is what your doing) There is a special burner under Burn DVD & Video files for video DVD’s. It writes the correct info to the disk so that the player will know that it is a video DVD. Although the Audio_TS folder does not have anything in it it needs to be burn for compatability reasons on older players

neroapitest is an application which demonstrates how to use the NeroAPI.

I noticed that, with a DVD-Video disc that i can play back on the DVD player, by using Disc Info in Nero Express, that there is one session on the DVD and its size is about 4 gigabytes. On the disc i burned using NeroAPITest (which doesn’t play back on the DVD player), there also is only one session, but its size is about 40 megabytes.

For those of you wondering…

You have to add to CDemoIsoTrack a function like SetDVDVideoCompatibility(BOOL b) which will set the NCITEF_DVD_VIDEOCMPT flag in the BurnOptions() function. Then you check for --dvdvideocomp in the command line to set this option.

Also i was burning to a DVD+RW and it seems to need the NCITEF_USE_ALLSPACE flag there. But burning takes quite a long time for RWs…