Burning DVD-Video with NeroAPI


is it possible to burn a DVD-Video with NeroAPI? I just have seen, it’s possible to burn VCD and SVCD with SDK, but I never saw DVD-Video.

I have Mpeg-Files in 704x576 (PAL) and 48kHz Audio Sampling, generatet with TMPGEnc. Now I want to burn these file on DVD within my own software.

Thanks for answering

Greez VPCoder

Sorry, DVD-Video is currently not supported by NeroAPI.

Matze, is there a planned release of NeroAPI, which can do it?
And when would it be available?

It is planned to add support for DVD-Video in NeroAPI. But I can’t tell something about when it will be released. Expect at least some month before DVD-Video support is available in NeroAPI.