Burning DVD Video Problem



Hey all,

Checking out NeroLinux Used DVDShrink to Backup a DVD of mine to a standard 4.7GB DVD. DVDShrink wrote the files to my hard disk in AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders. I used NeroLinux to burn these folders to a DVD, and selected “Burn as DVD Video” option. However, upon completion, Nero Disc Info says that I have a single Track on a Data disc.

What did I do wrong? Or can NeroLinux not handle a true BookType DVD Burn?

Running Ubuntu Linux 6.06 (Dapper Beta) which is Debian based. NeroLinux installed with no errors and appears to work fine.

Thanks much in advance.


OK…nevermind. I am an idiot. :doh:

I also run VMWare Server…and it was grabbing my DVD device before my host OS was…that is why it was not reading it.

Sorry about that. NeroLinux looks nice.